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said hillary clinton, 72 said michelle obama. >> a lot of her fans out there. she had an excellent speech, there's no doubt about that. >> for wolf blitzer and i. piers morgan continues our coverage from the n pires. >> good evening and welcome to charlotte's hottest hot spot. the cnn grill. the political meeting sometimes over a beer or two. i'm here with two trusty drinkers. and my political all star panel. where else but the speeches in great stuff tonight including rising star, san antonio mayor.
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the democrats not so secret weapon. >> he knows what it means when a family struggles. he knows what it means to want something more for your kids and grandkids. barack knows the american dream because he's lived it and he wants everyone in this country, everyone to have the same opportunity no matter who we are or where we're from or what we look like or who we love. >> you have attracted quite a crowd. >> it is the sizzling energy bouncing off the place. the castro brothers were very die n dynamic. michelle obama knocked it out of the park as you americans would say. >> i thought she did.
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i think if you were a couch potato democrat and you're sitting at home and you're not sure you really like the president any more and you don't have the same passion for him, she was talking to you tonight and she said to you, well, the people can go serve overseas, the least thing we can do is go vote. she made the case. she said he's the same fella i loved 23 years ago and he's the same guy you loved four years ago. >> she looked sensational. i hope that is not too sexist. she looked amazing. i thought she really hit the right tone. crying out for exactly what she gave. the audience at home. she is a vote winner. >> her biggest audience is the audience at home. the democrats know there is a bit of a enthusiasm gap. the republicans have an edge. when you look at polls of registered voters, the president is ahead. there is some disillusion out there.
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they talked about gay rights and military families. they don't have the magic of 2008. he is not the aspirational guy of four years ago. she is trying to make the case that she is fighting for you. he is fighting for you. the other guy doesn't get you. >> otherall, the -- it's not their fault. they had to put up with the hurricane which was taking all of the attention away on the first day. and even the second day to a large degree. before we got michelle obama.
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>> there were a lot of good speeches. >> and a coherent message. >> don't forget that mitt romney was not everyone's first choice. he was a lot of people's second choice. tonight this was it's going to behe renomination of a sitting president of the united states. and so, the enthusiasm and the passion was there inside the room. it's a bigger convention as other folks have pointed out. there was more information in the room to begin with and then you had these great speakers and nobody was really saying look at me, i'm going to be the next president of the united states. at least not yet. >> there is no question there will be a lot of talk here about 2014 but the main focus is on
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2012. the dpems were not mistake free. their platform does not mention god. their platform changes language about israel. juz lem is the capital and israel is our strongest ally. a lot of people would wonder why you're making the changes. it's the same candidate. we're trying to get answers on that. >> why would you also remove the word god? why would you deliberately allow the republicans to come in and go to all of their base and say look at this guy? he has removed the word god. >> somebody made a mistake and somebody or somebodies in the campaign didn't catch it. in terms of the show they put on, the show the american people put on, without a doubt they did a good show. he is an incumbent president. do people believe it. do they listen to speeches or look at the unemployment rate. do their own legs feel tired? in terms of the tv production,
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they put on a good show. >> or do they say we heard this all four years ago. there were people in there chanting yes we can. we have been through that already. were they cynical? these were uplifting speeches. >> pretty good start. >> very good start. >> what do they need to do this week? for them a very good sta. >> one of the democrat party's rising stars. san antonio mayor castro. here is how you work it out. >> how do you reinforce the kind of story that you guys can tell america? >> it means tr there is this -- as he has said many times, he is campaigning for congress these days but the infrastructure of opportunity of strong public
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schools, of good universitunive of good student aid that it takes to experience opportunity in america and america has been the land of opportunity. and so, it's our family is, i think, one example of that. but there are so many other examples. and the importance of tonight and of this election is which one of these candidates is going to insure that america remains unquestionably the land of opportunity in the coming years. and tonight my speech was about why i'm convinced that's president barack obama. >> you gave mitt romney a few good zingers. >> the difference in terms of personal wealth and you guys. you are a good illustration of that perhaps more than the obamas in many ways. how much do you think that will come into play? do you think the american people
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will look at barack obama and mitt romney and say this guy is a wealthy guy. he is out of touch with us. i prefer to go with the devil i know who admitted he has only done half the job. >> when folks compare where the nation was when president obama took office. and you heard several speakers say that. losing 750, 800,000 jobs a month. and then you compare where we are now with 29 straight months of job growth, 4.5 million new jobs, i'm confident that he will lay out the case convincingly. we're not where we want to be. we have made significant progress. and that means something very real for people's lives. you know, more students that are able to go to college. more folks now able to get back to work. we see that in texas.
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>> another thing about your speech electrified everybody. we haven't heard a speech like that since barack obama in 2004 this guy could be president. >> if he becomes president i need secret service protection. >> if barack obama thought he had a problem with a name like barack obama, the first president castro of the united states of america is quite a moment. >> florida would be pretty hard. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> really a ground breaking speech. people were excited and may the best man win. >> the castro brothers. i have a feeling you will be hearing a little bit more from at least one of them, probably both of them over the next few years. we have the former governor of pennsylvania and new mexico. welcome to you both.
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>> she painted a picture of barack obama as a great family man. >> she showed barack as a father, a parent, he struggles to give him four more years. castro, he is the new obama of the democratic party with that speech. hispanic growing minority. san antonio economic growth mayor. they stole the show. >> i found him a fascinating character. the stories are incredibly
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inspiring. they are obviously a great act together. they light up a camera. they are a couple of rock stars. >> he has a great way of speaking. when he delivered that line about romney and health care it was hysterical. >> it has been a disciplined start. >> are you pleased to see that? >> i am. i think that the carping and the whining that you heard from some wings of the party is over. the unified party. but i think the president and the convention is just appealing to the base. we also have to recognize that this election will be settles in a few states. i has got to be up to minorities and women and independent voters
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and young voters. >> we have got health care for a lot of americans. we are doing great in many ways. but the individual americans are hurting. but we have got the history in perspective. where we where and where we are today. there has been significant progress. not enough and the president has got to chart out in his speech how he's going to get us the next few steps. >> final question for you. a couple of big videos tonight. jimmy carter and teddy kennedy. what did you think of that? >> i think to have jimmy carter, i think he emphasizes foreign policy and i think president
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obama has a very good foreign policy. he got rid of al qaeda. he did bin laden in. he's a good foreign policy president. jimmy carter, the camp david agreems talking about peace and human rights. >> if i'm an independent voter. >> two people that talk about teddy kennedy is better than almost anybody else. one is his son and one is his nephew. great shot.
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♪one smile that cheers you ♪one face that lights when it nears you.♪ ♪and you will be happy too. >> former congressman from rhode island and senior vice president from save the children and author of rediscovering my father. welcome to all three of you. boiling hot.
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what will that be? is there something wrong with me? it's just the heat. >> it was bittersweet. >> all the people who fought for health care reform, we're all behind the president because he delivered on health care reform. i was honored to be there. and my whole family feels such an honor to have this chance to hear the good will towards him. but we understand the only way to advance the cause is to advance the president's cause because the president is the one who is in charge of public policy. and the difference between this president and what we would have under president romney is stark. >> the moment that made me chuckle most in the middle of
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what was a very moving tribute, a throw back to the debate between teddy kennedy and mitt romney. the republicans are crying foul saying that was a bit naughty. what did you make of it? >> you know, i guess i share your sense of irony on that. i mean it was an incredible scene. it was a beautiful tribute. a great tribute for the edward m. kennedy this afternoon. as patrick said, the president is really driving that policy forward. i got the sense, all the speakers talking about the impact that obama care has had in their lives. a child having open heart surgery really tugged on my heart strings. my wife and i, if that ever happened in our house, i didn't
9:20 pm
know that exited. and to hear her tell it so beautifully and see the positive impact of the legislation that uncle teddy worked on,it was a great night. >> i thought it was a terrific endorsement. the videos were superb for kennedy and jimmy carter. i admit, i found him a great character. if i look anything as great as he does at 87, i will be very, very happy. more importantly, you have heard a big piece this week about president clinton and obama's relationship. and tomorrow night we will have the big speech from president clinton. >> on kennedy, it's interesting how much the end of his life was wrapped up in the most important moment of obama's life. kennedy gave obama a very important endorsement in the primaries. frankly i'm not so sure obama would have pursued held care
9:21 pm
without the push from ted kennedy early on in the administration. on clinton tomorrow night, presidents always have fraught relationships. bill clinton did not have a good relationship with jimmy carter. he felt like carter free lanced all the time. and obama after the vicious primaries of 2008 where it got really personal between president clinton and then senator obama, they had a lot to overcome. and it really was not much of a reaching out or relationship all through 2009 and most of 2010. >> it was all on the golf course? >> what happened was one of obama's political advisors and called clinton advisors and said we want you to do campaign events and they said no. that's not how it works. we have got build a relationship between the two guys. let's get them on the golf
9:22 pm
course. >> is it better now? >> nobody on either side of this relationship tried to argue to me that these two guys are good friends. sometimes they would argue the opposite. it's a complicated relationship. >> they need each other don't they? >> they do need each other. bill clinton along with michelle obama whose approval ratings are in the 60s. it's a no-brainer to get this guy on his team. >> funny. he furiously denies this. it doesn't mean very much. >> he wouldn't deny it to me. >> two democrats. very, very knowledgeable about this told me that he regularly says that he's going to vote for mitt romney. when i asked one to go on the record and dispute this he woulden do it.
9:23 pm
today after pressure from people in the clinton world he came out and said he does support president obama. >> you are standing by your story? >> standing by the fact that two democrats said he said this and he would not go on the record with a response to me. >> democrats on the attack. you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to work. everyday you see all of us serving you,
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>> mitt romney, quite simply, doesn't get it. a few months ago, he visited a university of ohio and gave students there a little advice. start a business, he said. but how? borrow money if you have to, from your parents, he told them. gee, why didn't i think of that? >> the democratic party's rising
9:28 pm
new star, julian castro. with me now is florida congress woman. chair woman, i should say, welcome. >> thank you. >> when you kicked all of this off. most observers felt good tonight. a lot of good speeches. mr. castro brought the house down. >> i'm so proud of our leadership. i'm proud that this is a convention that we kicked off as the most open and inclusive convention that american politics has seen. the story that michelle obama and julian castro told tonight? did you wor hard and play by the rules? everyone in america deserves an opportunity to be successful. compare that to the idea that only people who already are
9:29 pm
successful and have somebody go bat for them. >> always seem to rattle cages. no mention of the word god. there was last time. why is that? >> well, we have a commitment through all faith traditions that our values are reflected in our policy nachl means we should look out for the least of these. that we should fight for the middle class. that we should help everyone have an opportunity to be successful. >> was it deliberately taken out or was it a mistake? >> of course not. >> somebody has deliberately taken out the word god because it was in the last one. >> no one has deliberately taken the word god out.
9:30 pm
>> our values are reflected in many faith traditions and that is what our platform is all about. >> what about the other strange comments that came out about israel and jerusalem? the idea that israel is the closest ally is also out. >> throughout our platform, it is very clear that president obama and democrats are committed to maintaining a strong u.s. israel relationship, maintaining israel and supporting israel as a juish and democratic state and ensuring that we have the strongest possible language on ensuring that iran can never achieve a nuclear weapon. our platform actually says that we are committed to insuring that we use all the instrume instrumentation available to us to ensure that iran never
9:31 pm
achieves a nuclear weapon. the republicans just say that all options are on the table. president obama has stood by israel and always will. >> mitt romney is 4% up in the polls in north carolina. are you worried about that? >> we are focused on continuing to run the most significant grass roots campaign. we have been here in north carolina since before 2008 and we have never left. we have an incredible grass roots operation here. making sure we can help use the people power. >> and finally you tried to arrange for michelle obama to make speeches every day, every hour on the hour? >> woulden that be nice? she spoke as a mom and as a physical low mom, i completely identified with what she was talking about. we all want what is best for our children and we want someone in the white house going for their
9:32 pm
future. >> her husband may be a devicive figure but his wife seems to be universally popular. >> deverveedly so. >> coming next, the romney camp will fire back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t. the nation's largest 4g network.
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>> a lot of anger from republicans. bound to be? day one of the democratic convention, they're going to be furious. who better to be furious than mitt romney's communication director. what are you furious about? >> i think that michelle obama gave a great speech tonight but there are really big take aways
9:37 pm
from the democratic national convention and that is what you didn't hear. you didn't hear president obama or any of his surrogates talking about the fact that americans are not better off than they were four years ago. there have been all kinds of discussions about whether we are better off than we were four year ace go. the reason we went six hours without having one person -- >> would you agree that we are better off than we were three and a half year ace go? >> no, we still have 23 million people unemployed. >> the first half was just a financial melt down. brought on by eight years of republican administration. >> let's go back and look at his promises. we can look at his promises from his convention speech four years ago where he said he was going to create more jobs and get the debt down. i think it is very symbolic of something you didn't hear.
9:38 pm
the national debt reached 16 trillion dollars. you did not hear the democrats talking about how to get that debt down for our children and grandchildren. >> before we get into the knitty gritty, we zdid see an extraordinary bit of video which had your guy, midst rtt romney apparently saying he is pro-choice when it comes to abortion. we know about that. he was 47 years old. i'm 47 years old. i'm not a spring chicken. i'm a fully rounded adult. did his view evolve? >> a couple of things there. none of this is new. governor romney is pro-life. he will govern as a pro-life president. if you are talking about changing positions, then look at president obama has done with gay marriage. he became president campaigning
9:39 pm
on the fact that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman and now he is for gay marriage. >> was it wrong of democrats to use that footage? >> i think that we have a lot bigger problems to worry about than what the democrats are doing with their web videos. what was not seen in there is despite the political differences, which there are many if not most or all between govern or romney and ted kennedy is they have a mutual respect for each other. >> when you are mitt romney's communication director in the middle of thousands of democrats, is it a lonely place? >> no, we're talking about the things that the democrats are not. what you did not here is any democrat talking about whether or not they are better off because they cannot talk about it because they are not. >> their argument is they inherited the mother of all
9:40 pm
policies and you don't dispute that? >> this is not about running against president bush. if they wanted to run against p bush they are eight years too late. you will continue to hear the excuses and blame shifting and scapegoating because they have no record to run on and president obama has no plans to fix it. >> mrs. obama's dress? a win? >> great dress, great speech, great first lady. >> a happy note. happy to see you again. >> nice to see you. >> when we come back, my all star panel. tonight, particularly all star. we will get into all of the issues and find out what the trooult is if you can. 5
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. >> welcome back to the cnn grill. it is still boiling hot outside and in. so is all the political gossip and entry. so is my all star panel an author of fast and furious. barack obama's bloodiest scandal. henry rosen, cnn contributor. how to rebuild the dream and author of rebuild the dream. welcome to you all. you are thinking yeah. >> i'm in love again. >> boys and girls. >> i'm in love again. >> let me start with you. you actually got quite emotional about the prospect of a michelle obama speech wh and what it meant? >> it was more powerful than i thought. it was like a revival. i remember as a kid we would go to school in the summertime and we were lazy about our faith and
9:46 pm
somebody would come out and restore the faith. she was a mom and she was a revileali revilealist. for african-americans to see her. people have said terrible things about her. for her to come out with dignitary and grace. for her to set the bar in oratory, it was powerful. >> the best speeches were ann romney and michelle obama. she didn't just talk about the heart but she talked about policy. that was an unusual thing for a first lady to come out and do a litany of how policy is connected to people's lives. i thought that was impressive. >> if you were there with governor romney you would be thinking dammit, day one we get a hurricane and they get a
9:47 pm
different hurricane, a verbal hurricane. a series of speeches. not a good day for republicans, you could say. >> i think michelle did a great job. i have been to a lot of reviv revivals. we have heard a lot of this before. the democrats have to be very careful. they cannot replicate 2008. i'm here in charlotte. i don't feel that energy that we did in 2008. i think they have got be very careful. they have a big problem on their hands right now with israel. the platform does not say that jerusalem is the capital of israel. that was in 2008. >> we will come to that in a moment. that was an odd thing to me. they left out the word god. and the israel stuff was really odd. to change the wording and make those kind of omissions on n a platform? i didn't get it. >> it was in 2008 and not here now. the spin is that apeck signed
9:48 pm
off on it and we are finding out that apec did not sign off. democrats are going to have to answer to what happened? >> i think going back to michelle obama's speech, i think she did a great job. she did talk about president obama's record in a very vague sense. she did discuss how president obama needs more time but she didn't talk about why or the fact that we reached $16 trillion in debt today. she didn't talk about the fact that women's unemployment rate has jumped a percentage point. she didn't talk about the poverty rate going up. she did talk about personal experiences but she didn't get into what her husband's record is. >> she is his wife. she's not going to stand in front of billions of people and talk about the negatives. >> but if she is going to talk about why he needs more time, why does he need more time? >> did you feel uncomfortable as a woman watching mitt romney
9:49 pm
espousing the great joys of pro choice? >> what i felt uncomfortable with is a convention that stands for women that would pick ted kennedy who left a woman in his car to drown to be a spokesman. >> that's a bit below the belt. >> one of the things we saw with the democrats this weekend and it goes to the platform this is not sort of a, you know, point by point soft to the right wing the way the republican platform has been. the democratic platform is broadly supporting the middle class. we don't have a platform that we're running away from. i think what we saw tonight was the very clear choice that voters are going to face, right? it's not about government, but government can help. student loans and public education. those sorts of things you can't
9:50 pm
ignore. >> i interviewed the castro brothers. very, very impressive. amazing story. the idea that these two young lads have come from an orphaned young woman, their grandmother who came to san antonio from mexico with nothing and had to get away to schooling to try to find some money for the family and there are these two boys. they went to sanford and harford and potentially both future presidential candidates. >> if we are looking for common ground, both parties understand that the american dream is under threat. you saw both parties trying to tell american dream stories. somebody had to be that american dream carrier. i think that's important to recognize that both parties understand the dream is under threat and we have different visions of what to do about it. when it comes to authenticity, i was moved by mitt romney and ann
9:51 pm
romney's speech. when michelle obama starts talking about her story and the castro brothers talk about their story, it resonates differently. >> there is a difference in that. i agree that both parties want to promote the idea if you work hard in america, you can actually succeed. the difference is this party here, the democrats are really trying to say that government has a fundamental hand in that process where i think the republicans are just simply saying that's not true. >> i think you're right. we are saying government has a fundamental hand. not the only hand. >> i don't want you all agreeing with each other. let's take a short break. i'm going to stop you because you're agreeing too much. we're going regroup and have a beer. i'm going to have a somehower to get rid of all of this heat. is america better off or not
9:52 pm
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>> so, you have all been squabbling away on the break, very nicely coming to the boil. let's get to the crux of what this whole issue can come down to. the very uncomfortable question. is america better off or not because of four years of barack obama. my argument would have been the first six months are a nigh mare but since then they are better off. but since they made it a four-year assessment, the stats really don't work for barack obama on most common ground that you look at to compare. like he is not in good shape. how do you dispute the fact that it doesn't look like we are in better shape in america? >> there are stats on both sides. we look at the all time high stock market, gdp growth up, hemorrhaging jobs now we're growing, though not enough.
9:57 pm
>> unemployment is up, gas prices are sored. there are key economic dynamics. we look terrible. >> on both side. >> only one side. >> i mean both sides. some numbers are worse and some numbers are better. democrats would be stupid if we tried to tell people how they feel. so the best we're going to do, i think, is to say you know what? we do not want to go back to where we were in 2008. we do not want to go back to the policies that brought us fl and we don't want to go back to the situation we were where the banks were out of control and war was out of control and tax cuts were out of control. >> look at president obama. he suddenly remembers we're in two wars, the worst financial crisis since the great depressi depression. this the mother of all thing. >> he ran for president to fix the problem and he has not fiked the problem. there are 23 people million out of work. the food stamp work is at an all
9:58 pm
time high. people at the gas pump can feel it. his closest advisors have told him that you can't tell people that everything is okay. >> i think what he is saying is it is slowly improving. >> but it's not, though. >> unemployment has gone up. the number downgraded. >> clearly over the last two years, you have seen signs of improvement. the stock market performance is a sign of economic prosperity. >> democrats controlled the house, the senate, and the white house for two years. >> you could do anything that you want. nancy could wake up and put any piece of legislation on the table and they would have had to vote on it. >> what about the undeniable reality that the republicans have done everything they can to sometim
9:59 pm
stymie this guy? >> i think they have prove on the be right. i think if we tried what the republicans had offered we wouldn't be in this mess. >> to say that the republicans are the problem here, the democrats still have the senate, they still have the white house. republicans have passed multiple budgets. the senate has not introduced a budget for more than 1200 days. >> let me get in here. let me say a couple things. we don't actually have a dictatorship, we have a democracy. we have two parties. one party says they are a party of individual responsibility. republicans have been acting like lucy holding the ball. every time obama tries to kick it they move the ball. republicans have not voted for their own policies when it comes to tax cuts for small businesses. number two, you know, i think the truth that nobody wants to

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